What are stretch marks?

Stretch marks happen when there is a tear in the skin when the body goes through rapid growth. This can happen on many occasions and with anyone too. Irrelevant whether you are a male, or female stretch marks are a common incident. If you are looking to get treatment for stretch marks visit the Feel and Look Fabulous website and sign up for the best Stretch Marks Treatment in Clearwater FL with Dina.

Anyone will get stretch marks; however, it is mostly seen in women than men. They also can come anywhere on your skin. But the most common areas are the stomach, thighs, breasts, hips, upper arms, and lower back. The scarring happens when the skin cannot heal back to the way it was after a period of rapid growth. Often because of pregnancy, weight gain or weight loss, and puberty. If you are in FL, make sure that you check out Dina’s blog and sign up for the best Stretch Marks Treatment in Clearwater FL.



Common facts about stretch marks

They occur when the skin gets stretched too quickly, so it often looks thin and long link vines.

  • Pregnancy causes stretch marks in over 50% of women.
  • You can try and reduce the marks on your body with regular treatment
  • They often fade over time but do not pose a risk to your health

The most commons areas in your body to appear stretch marks would be

  • Abdomen
  • Buttocks
  • Thighs
  • Hips
  • Breasts

    While stretch marks are not causing any physical harm to you they can be a major cause of a lack of self-confidence. Contact Dina, to get the best solutions to get rid of your stretch marks. She has the best solution for Stretch Marks Treatment in Clearwater FL. You may feel uncomfortable wearing certain clothing items in the summer, you may sometimes even refrain from socializing with friends over summer because you don’t want to be seen with your stretch marks. Dina is here to help all of us with her best Stretch Marks Treatment in Clearwater FL.

The marks would initially come as a wrinkly skin line, and then will turn pink and sometimes can even be itchy or irritating. Make sure that you don’t act on that urge to scratch the area, because that layer of skin there is very thin, and can get damaged and bleed. Depending on your skin tone the color of the stretch marks will differ. However, if you are looking for a solution to put a stop to these stretch marks limiting your confidence, make sure you sign up with Dina on her Stretch Marks Treatment in Clearwater FL.

Stretch marks are not something that you can get rid of easily, and neither can you plan for prevention. It just happens and the only thing you can do is make sure that you do treatment to minimize the visibility to make sure that it is not limiting you from being your true self. Dina has come up with the best Stretch Marks Treatment in Clearwater FL to help all of you residents in FL.

Her passion is health and wellness. She takes a much more holistic approach to health and wellness where she is not only focusing on limiting you for one diet. Her programs are easy to follow and fall in love with. You will soon see results with her just because she is focusing on every aspect of health and wellness.
Dina can help you boost your confidence and make you become the best version of yourself. Sign up with Dina for the best Stretch Marks Treatment in Clearwater FL.


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