Is Keto Diet a mystery for you?

Do you know what is a Keto Diet and how it would support your weight loss plan? A ketogenic diet is a diet with Low card and high fat that has many health benefits. If you are a resident in Clearwater, FL, make sure that you check out the 10-day Keto Challenge and join her. Dina has a tried-and-true plan that will help you to lose weight with a Keto Diet in Clearwater. Many studies will show you proven results on how a Keto Diet will help you lose weight and advance your health.

Most body cells want to use blood sugar as the energy sourced from all the carbohydrates you take. But when you cut down carbs and switch to a keto diet, your body is deprived of the sugar, so then the Keto diet will cause your body to release more ketones into the bloodstream. This will start breaking down your body fat to give you energy. And this step is called ketosis. Your body will use the ketones to break down the fat in your body and provide you with energy until it can get hold of any carbs or sugar again. This will result in fat burn. Talk to Dina and get the best advice and products for the best results with your Keto diet in Clearwater. Dina has put together a series of tried and true products with her Keto diet in Clearwater.


Keto Basics

The Keto diet in Clearwater is a low-carb and high-fat diet by design. This involves reducing your carb intake and replacing it with fat. Doing this switch will put your body into the ketosis state. When in Ketosis, your body starts burning the fat for energy. It will also turn the fat into ketones in the liver. This will supply energy for your brain function. Doing a keto diet reduces blood sugar levels in massive amounts and shifts your metabolism. If you are looking into going on a Keto diet in Clearwater, make sure that you check out the Feel and Look Fabulous website and read what Dina has to say.



Different types of Keto Diets

  • Standard Ketogenic Diet (SKD): This diet is very low carb. You can add an average amount of protein and a lot of fat into it.
  • Cyclical Ketogenic Diet (CKD): This diet includes having a few refeed days of high carb food after about 5 days of low carb.
  • Targeted Ketogenic Diet (TKD): Lets you add carbs to your diet on the days you work out.
  • High Protein Ketogenic Diet: This is a widely known diet. Where you are allowed to add more protein in your diet and lesser carbs than the standard method.

The most popular Keto diet method out of these is the Standard Keto Diet. Follow Dina’s 10 Day Keto Challenge, and you will see why it is the best Keto diet in Clearwater.


Ketogenic Diet and its Health impact

A Ketogenic diet is found to have reduced many health concerns in adults and children as well. Weight loss with the keto diet is actually proven as a faster and more effective method. Doing a Keto diet in Clearwater will not be too problematic, as Dina has put together the products and programs in place for us. The key benefits of the keto diet are that it’s the faster way for weight loss with Dina’s Keto diet in Clearwater. Then you also need to know that ketosis is the metabolic state in your body that starts fueling you with energy by burning fat. So, make sure that you check out the 10-day keto challenge with Dina and get the best results for your Keto diet in Clearwater.


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