4 Ways Taking A Vacation Can Positively Impact Your Business

When you own your business, you work more than 40 hours a week. Small business owners often work 80 hours or more because they wear many hats: marketer, networker, accountant, etc. Business owners are either working on or in their business.  When you are absorbed in your business, it’s hard to get away from it because It’s on your mind 24/7.  The idea of going on vacation may seem impossible and far from practical.  

However, the best thing you can do for your business is to walk away from it from time to time. 

You Become More Creative

Taking some time off to travel is an excellent way to stimulate your brain to think differently and be more creative  When you are stuck in a rut, it’s extremely difficult to think outside of the box.  Change your environment and your perspective and thinking will change.

You Become A Better Employer

Taking some time off will also clear your mind and help you decompress from stress.  Stress not only negatively impacts your health but also affects your mood.  If you are constantly stressed and grumpy you are not pleasant to be around. If you want to keep good employees, it’s imperative as an employer to create a positive, happy work environment.  

You Become More Productive

Burnout and stress also affect your ability to concentrate and be productive.  A holiday from your daily grind is the best way to refresh your batteries and become more productive. More energy, better mood, clearer focus, and productivity will positively impact your bottom line.  If the ultimate goal is to grow your business, then you cannot afford not to take any time off.

You Live in the Present

Allowing yourself some time off enables you to live in the present.  More importantly, you create memories with your family and loved ones.  At the end of your life, you will not be remembered by your bank account. You will be remembered for how you made others feel and the memories you created.  

Work balance is essential.  Work hard, but don’t forget to play hard as well. Enjoy the fruits of your labor.  If you want to prosper and be successful, take a vacation at least once a year.  Vacations are a tremendous benefit for your health and your bottom line.  

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Dina Arvanitakis
Dina is a certified functional medicine nutrition coach and author that is passionate about health and wellness. As a health advocate, she coaches clients on how to implement anti-aging techniques and weight-loss strategies and solutions so they can become their own powerful success stories. She believes that everyone can enjoy a healthy vibrant life once they are empowered with knowledge and the right tools to make effective changes in their lives. A healthy you is a FABULOUS you!